Welcome to Tiny Teslas!  Educational science
programs for school-age children.

Hurry Up!!  Don't be late!!  Our summer shows are starting to
book early this year.

We are one of the largest divisions of I.E.P.  With over 40
educational programs to choose from, we are sure you will find
something to educate and entertain!
Our Programs are perfect for
Daycare Centers
School Systems Public / Private
Scout Troops
Corporate Functions
And even Birthdays!

Tiny Teslas provides an unsurpassed physical science
experience.  With our hands-on interactive programs, your children
are sure to remember their experience with us for years!
A Little About What We Do

Although our first priority may seem like "fun", we stick to a strict
Physical Science regiment. All school-age shows cover topics
from the following state and city standards:

  • New Jersey Standards and Assessment
  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Science and
  • Delaware Science Content Standards
  • Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum
  • District of Columbia Public Schools Learning Standards
  • Virginia Science Standards of Learning
Tiny Teslas
A Division of Infinity Educational Productions