Welcome to KinderQuarium, Live aquatic programs for school-age

Thinking of packing all those kids up and taking them to the aquarium?  
Battling traffic? Find parking? Feeding them!!  Let the aquarium come to

WARNING!!! You may get wet.

We are one of I.E.P.'s fastest growing educational programs. The third
live "critter" program, we are definitely making waves.  :-)  

How do we perform a live aquatic program you might ask?  Well, it isn't
easy!  We have a lot of preparation that goes into one of these shows.  
With hundreds of gallons of chemically treated water "ready to go" our
aquatic life has no worries.  We travel with portable pumps to insure that  
aquatic life has plenty of oxygen.  We also travel with smaller containers
with aquatic life separated so, visually, there is a lot going on.  

Believe it or not, this show is interactive!  Not ALL aquatic life has fins...  
This show has a great finale, care to find out?  Simply call to book a show.
A division of Infinity Educational Productions
Show Types:
  • Ocean Life
  • Salt vs Fresh Water
  • Streams / Creeks / Brooks
  • Wet n Wild